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Main Services

Standard ERP

As a partner of HansaWorld, we will effectively implement and customize your HansaWorld ERP Solutions. Our close cooperation with HansaWorld globally allows global edge technical provisions in the local economy.

IT Solutions & Services

A wide range of technology solutions and services made accessible to your fingertips through Kalypta Tech. Chatbots, IT Security, IT Training, Disaster Recovery, Change Management, Network solutions.

Technical Support

Technical hick-ups are a common challenge globally, Kalypta is at your service whenever you get stuck. Give us a quick call and you will be back on track in no time.


From POS to inventory management, all eCommerce solutions are offered and designed to your specifications, to the dot. Whether you're starting from scratch or improving on an existing system, contact us.

Social Media & SEO

Digital Marketing is a must and in this digital age and Kalypta is the right place to get with the program. We will assist you to get some traction in your business field with the most advanced technologies around.

Web Development

Web development solutions offered in one place, guaranteeing excellent expertise and a timely turnaround time. All the customizations and maintenance done to your business satisfaction.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Give us a call, make an enquiry via email or any of our social media pages and get a quick response. A detailed quotation will be processed and sent to you, offering you the best solutions you need.

Other Services

Chat Bots

Automated responses to your clients are necessary especially with a high amount of enquiries from your customers. Simple enquiries that do not need human intervention can be taken over by a chatbot fully configured to your satisfaction.

Bulk SMS

Do you need to inform a lot of customers at the same time? Bulk SMS is the service you need and all your clients will be update about what you have going on, whether it is a promo, a service issue, or a festive season message.

Hardware Solutions

We offer Hardware Sales and Support to various clients. From hardware such as servers, laptops, desktops, smart phones, etc. We are partners to reliable hardware providers that include HP, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft etc.

PRAZ Registration

Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe enables businesses to bid on public tenders to supply the government and government controlled agencies. Registration is required for the category of services which the tenders fall under.

ZIMRA Tax Services

We offer various Tax services to our clients so as to make sure they are 100% compliance with the Tax laws of Zimbabwe. Our services include ITF263 Tax Clearance Certificate, Income Tax & PAYE Returns, etc.

NSSA Registration

All employers are required by law to register with National Social Security Authority. Whether formal or informal sector, employees are liable to register with NSSA which operates two schemes to which employers contribute.

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