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Kalypta Tech is an IT company that offer various IT Solutions from software to hardware and consultancy services from Tax service, PRAZ  and NSSA registration, company registration and Change Management .


Standard ERP by HansaWorld

Standard ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to manage businesses of all sizes in almost any industry. Account management, order processing, inventory, manufacturing and job costing are among the core components of Standard ERP. Choose from a variety of comprehensive, industry-specific modules fully integrated with all other related system functionalities.
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Hotel Booking System

Kalypta Hotel Management System is a solution that craters for hotels/longues to manage their bookings, revenue and stock management.
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LMS (Student Portal and Bank Interagtions)

Kalypta Tech offers a Learning Management System through a partnership that offers the following solutions student portal system and bank integrations with all local banks. 
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ZIMRA Tax Services

We offer various Tax service to our clients so has to make sure they are 100% compliance with the Tax laws of Zimbabwe. Our services include ITF263 Tax Clearance Certificate, Income Tax & PAYE Returns etc

PRAZ(Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe)

PRAZ is the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe formerly called or State Procurement Board (SPB). In order to be able to participate in public tenders and to supply the government and any agencies or institutions that the government controls, you need to have registered with PRAZ for the category of goods/services under which that tender falls.

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NSSA Registration

All employers are required by the law to register with National Social Security Authority. Whether you are in the formal or informal sector, you are liable to register with NSSA.
NSSA operates 2 schemes to which emloyers contribute. The 1st is the Workers Compensation & Insurance Fund (WCIF) which is funded entirely by employers for the purpose of providing benefits to employees and/or their beneficiaries in the event of a workplace injury or death.


Kalypta tech also offers hardware Sales and Support to its various clients from servers , lap tops, desk tops, mobile phones etc. We are partners to reliable hardware providers that include HP, Lenovo, Asus, Mircosoft etc. 

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From enterprise application development to CMS-powered websites, our web developers can write elegant, modular, well-documented, responsive code effectively and efficiently in a diverse array of stacks, platforms, and frameworks. Our web developers dedicate themselves to the highest quality engineering


We offer Bulk SMS at very cheap prices for all networks in Zimbabwe 


Kalpyta offers domain, web hosting and email services. Our servers


Kalypta offers digital marketing services to various clients.


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